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Ancora altri accessori utili per la vaporizzazione. "Oh, Azarius, dove sarei senza di voi?" Buona domanda...

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Accendino-torcia compatto con una potente fiamma. Accendini a torcia hanno una fiamma più calda di accendini normali, il che li fa più adatti per scaldare erbe che hanno bisogno di…

1 piece - $ 7,29

Gli accendini a torcia diventano più caldi degli accendini normali e non lasciano fuliggine sul vetro, come su pipe di vetro e vaporizzatori.

1 piece - $ 17,95

USB charging cable for the Alfa vaporizer.

1 pieza - $ 11,16

Prodotto esaurito.

Charging dock for the Arizer Solo vaporizer

1 pezzo - $ 27,99

Per prevenire rovesciamenti puoi usare questo attrezzo quando vuoi versare dell'olio nella cartuccia del tuo vaporizzatore a penna. Ideato per i modelli Omicron e O-Phos.

1 pezzo - $ 10,66

Universal water pipe adapter for the Boundless CF and CFX.

1 pezzo - $ 22,38

Spare battery for the Dabbie PRO.

1 pezzo - $ 14,02

Replacement bubbler for the Dabbie PRO.

1 pezzo - $ 27,48

Spare Dabbie PRO Magnetic Carb Cap & Dabber

1 pezza - $ 14,02

Pallina in silicone per conservare i tuoi oli o materiale ceroso.

1 pezzo - $ 5,55

Replacement battery for both Firefly models

1 pezzo - $ 33,60

Replacement battery door for the Firefly 2 vaporizer.

1 pezzo - $ 22,38

Protect your Firefly 2 with a made to fit case.

1 pezzo - $ 22,38

Charging the Firefly 2 is super simple and quick with a charging dock.

1 pezzo - $ 33,60

Two removable mouthpieces for the Firefly 2 vaporizer.

2 pezzi - $ 11,16

Wall adapter let's you charge your Firefly 2 in different regions.

3 pezzi - $ 22,38

Replacement top lids makes changing the colour of your Firefly 2 extremely easy.
USB cable for charging the Firefly 2 or hooking up to a computer.

1 pezzo - $ 6,67

Interested in vaping e-liquids? With the SubX Subohm tank you will be able to produce amazing amounts of vapour.

1 pezzo - $ 33,60

This bubbler is a breath of fresh air for the true vape fans. No more sore throats from high temperature vapes with this attachment. Compatible with multiple vaporizers.

1 pezzo - $ 44,31

Put the double chamber of the Dual Haze V3 to work by connecting it to your favourite water tool with the water tool attachment.
Flamez humidifying stone to keep your tobacco moist. Allow the tobacco stone to absorb a few drops of water and place it in your tobacco (or smoking mix) pouch, to…

1 piece - $ 1,68

Greengo humidifying stone to keep your tobacco moist. Allow the tobacco stone to absorb a few drops of water and place it in your tobacco (or smoking mix) pouch, to…

1 pezzo - $ 1,68

For vapers who hit the road regularly and want to use their time efficiently this accessory keeps your Magic-Flight charged and ready to go.

1 pezzo - $ 8,41

The Magic-Flight Power Adapter 2.1 is compatible with the Magic-Flight box and the Maud-Dib. Eliminates the use of batteries for the Magic Flight.

1 pezzo - $ 88,62

Why limit yourself to prefabricated cartridges when you can create your own tasty blends for the O.penVape? O.juice makes it happen!

30 ml - $ 11,16

Carica ogni piccola particella di erbe nel tuo vaporizzatore con questa comoda paletta per le erbe, realizzata completamente in materiali ecologici.
Replacement screen for the PAX 2 results in better circulation of airflow.

1 pezzo - $ 16,27

Aluminium tool for loading every version of the PAX vaporizer.

1 pezzo - $ 18,51

Improved oven lid for the PAX 2 vaporizer.

1 pezzo - $ 25,24

Improved oven lid makes it easier to take bigger hits compared to the standard lid.

1 pezzo - $ 25,24

Prodotto esaurito.

The PAX 2 pusher allows the oven to heat the material more evenly during vaporization and greatly improves the vapour quality when the chamber isn't completely filled.

1 pezzo - $ 16,27

Prodotto esaurito.

Handy cleaning rod for the PAX 2 vaporizer.

1 pezzo - $ 9,54

This package contains 5 pipe screens with a diameter of 20 mm.

20 mm - $ 0,28

These pipe screens are made from very high quality stainless steel. Available in 4 different sizes. This package contains 100 screens.
Stainless steel replacement screens in packages of five pieces. Available in different sizes.
Tired of filling your Plenty chamber too full? Use the Plenty filling chamber cylinder reducer to reduce the size in half.

1 pezzo - $ 12,90

The silicone dab station by Red Eye Tek is the most convenient way of storing your dabbing material. Contains seven chambers and multiple dab stations can be stacked on top…

1 pezzo - $ 21,87

Storz and Bickel dosing capsules are designed to keep your vaporizer chamber squeaky clean.

1 box (40 pieces) - $ 14,02

Smaller sized liquid pads, made to fit inside the Storz and Bickel dosing capsules.

1 set (4 pieces) - $ 5,61

Storz and Bickel magazine with 8 dosing capsules, like a gun with bullets, but for your vaporizer and to get you high.

1 pezzo - $ 6,17

Can of 300 ml universal lighter gas for refillable lighters and butane-fuelled vaporizers.

300 ml - $ 2,80

The Cane-Gun is a pipe adapter that can be combined with the Vapocane Fusion vaporizer and all diffuser adapters and glass bowls. Made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

1 pezzo - $ 18,51

The Cane-Gun is a Sherlock pipe adapter that can be combined with the Vapocane Fusion vaporizer and all diffuser adapters and glass bowls. Borosilicate glass piece with 18 mm female…

1 pezzo - $ 12,34

Prodotto esaurito.

Optimize the VaporGenie of your choice for liquids, oils and waxes with this nifty mesh pad.

1 pezzo - $ 3,93

These are very strong resealable zip bags in 50 micron transparent polyethylene. They can be used for several purposes.

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