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Kratom Borneo Green (Sacred Plants) finely powdered

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Kratom is from a tall leafy tree indigenous to South East Asia. In 1834 Pieter Willem Korthals, a Dutch botanist from Amsterdam discovered kratom on an expedition to South East Asia. He decided it looked like a bishop's hat, thus naming it Mitragyna speciosa or "the precious mitre" (the precious crown). Who would've known Amsterdam locals were into their mind-altering substances even in the 1800's!

This Kratom Borneo Green is sustainably wild harvested in Borneo, it is an interesting type of kratom because it has a leaf with green veins. The largest leaves are harvested to keep the younger leaves growing and the trees productive. It is then dried and milled to a very fine (200 micron) powder.


Effects come on within five to ten minutes after use and last for several hours. Kratom has both stimulating and depressant qualities. Some sources say that it is a stimulant in lower doses, becoming sedative in higher doses. The feeling has been described as happy and active, with a strong desire to do work.

Sometimes when you use kratom for the first time, your brain is not sure how to react to the new substance and is not sure what to do with it. Therefore the first few times you use kratom it may not work or will have a light effect until the brain receptors have figured out how to process it.

Preparing Kratom Borneo Green

Kratom Borneo Green is active from 1 gram and can be mixed with any liquid (hot water, or a milkshake, for example). Use 2 grams for a mild effect and up to 4 grams for strong effects. In our experience, most people especially enjoy making tea out of this kratom variety.


We advise not to participate in traffic or other activities that demand your concentration. Usage of kratom in high dosages may be mildly habit-forming. Acute side effects include dry mouth, loss of appetite and constipation. Side effects from long-term use include weight loss, insomnia, and a darkening of the skin, particularly on the cheeks. Do not combine with MAO-inhibitors.

Self-treatment is never recommended especially if you are suffering from serious conditions such as depression or anxiety. They should never be treated without a checkup from a medical professional.


For more information about this interesting plant, please visit

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5 Recensioni dei nostri clienti


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Psichedelico 2016-08-20

Ho provato entrambi gli effetti, sinceramente preferisco l effetto "euforico", è davvero forte e dura diverse ore. L effetto sedativo è bello solo se ti trovi nel Set giusto, se ne bevi parecchio bisogna sdraiarsi sennò si presenta la nausea

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