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Crackers (Super Strains) feminized

Crackers (Super Strains) feminized

19777 SuperStrains

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Crackers is a new hybrid by SuperStrains from the Amnesia related gen-pool.

Crackers (SuperStrains) charachteristics

She is a crossing between Amnesia and NL5xHaze. Sativa characteristics are noticeable while growing, this plant stretches towards the light quickly, gradually building flowers for almost 11 weeks. It will deliver a very productive harvest. A great cannabis strain we have been waiting to introduce in the SuperStains catalogue. She gives you that balanced and relaxing effect that is perfect for social anxiety. Crackers has a smooth, earthy, spicy and musky taste. She is perfect for indoor or outdoor growing and can reach a maximum height of around 300 cm. It is so strong, it will crack your head up!

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Dati tecnici

Indica/Sativa: Dominanza Sativa
Indoor flowering time: 77
Genetica: Amnesia x NL5xHaze
Seed bank: SuperStrains
Effetto: strong
Varietà: Amnesia
CBD: 5
THC medio: 16
Altezza media: 200
Outdoor harvest: Mid November
Quantità di semi: 3, 5
Altezza pianta: Media
Fioritura: Lungo
Average indoor yield: 800
Livello THC: Medio
Livello CBD: Medio
Tipo di seme: Femminizzato
Ambiente adatto alla coltivazione: Indoor/Outdoor
Gusto / Aroma: earthy, spicy, musky