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Northern Light (Royal Queen Seeds) femminilizzato

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The Northern Light was developed at the end of the seventies in the USA and in the eighties it came to Holland. Northern Light is partly from Afghani Indica heritage and this is reflected in its characteristics. The plant is not too large but one that produces a lot of THC. Northern Light was originally developed for inside growing but it can also be grown outside.

Northern Lights has a sweet taste and gives a physical feeling, comfortable stoned. Northern Lights is a well-known type of cannabis and a treasure from the past.

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Valutazione cliente per "Northern Light (Royal Queen Seeds) femminilizzato"



2 out of three were hermies Not what i would call a "Northern light" Not a very good taste low yielding Average high...all in all a big let down



OU LA LA bonne chose que cette plante facile et rapide et forte aussi il faut tester



Ik heb 5 zaadjes, maar ze willen nog steeds niet (na 1 week) ontspruiten.. Ik vermoed dat door het hete weer de zaadjes te heet zijn geworden en nu niet meer willen... Kan dat?

Anyway. weer wat nieuwe bestellen dus. :-(



Mainly providing a body stone (couch lock) with a mild high effect ... Good outdoors strain for inexperienced growers! Really huge side branches (over 2m tall) filled with nice buds. My plant was about 3,5 m tall (outdoors), and 2,5 m wide :) Quite good resistance against mildew and bugs, but make sure to harvest before mid october (in west-eu).

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Dati tecnici

Quantità di semi: 3, 5
Composizione: 100% Indica
Effetto: Stoned, high
Altezza media: 160
Marca: Royal Queen Seeds
Seed bank: Royal Queen Seeds
Average indoor yield: 525
Average outdoor yield: 600
THC medio: 18
Gusto / Aroma: Sweet
Indoor flowering time: 52
Ambiente adatto alla coltivazione: Indoor/Outdoor
Altezza pianta: Media
Outdoor harvest: End of September
Livello THC: Medio
Livello CBD: Medio
Fioritura: Corto
Indica/Sativa: Dominanza Indica
Tipo di seme: Femminizzato
Genetica: Northern Light S1