Easy Bud (Royal Queen Seeds) femminilizzato

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As the name implies, the Easy Bud from Royal Queen Seeds is an easy cannabis plant to grow. A very popular species from the Royal Queen autoflowering seeds collection.

Easy Bud is Auto Flowering or in other words self-flourishing, which means that the plant automatically starts to flower, regardless of the amount of light hours. The Easy Bud plant will start to bloom after 3 to 5 weeks. These plants usually don`t grow very large and are ready for harvest in 8 to 9 weeks. The big advantage is that auto flower plants remain small, ideal for indoor and outdoor growing.

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1ste zaadje is niet ontkiemt.
2de zaadje is goed ontkiemt, struik geworden van 75cm die niet in de bloei is gegaan.
3de zaadje goed ontkiemt, plant hoogte 75cm, met een mooie grote kleverige top.



j en ai eu 1 seule, assez petite , mais la plante est d une vigueur incroyable, magnifique, fruité et rapide, premier pistil sur le semis de 4 jours Oo...



Got this present from Azarius, thanks ! Taste is not bad and smell is nice after a good curing. The good point for this strain is the amount of resin. Very physical and long effect. The plant was about 50 cm and, with a good trellising, you will make profit of the lower branches.

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Dati tecnici

Quantità di semi: 3, 5
THC medio: 12
Genetica: White Indica x Ruderalis
Effetto: Euphoric, relaxed
Composizione: Sativa 15%, Indica 55%, Ruderalis 30%
Average outdoor yield: 55
Average indoor yield: 300
Marca: Royal Queen Seeds
Seed bank: Royal Queen Seeds
Altezza media: 85
Tipo di seme: Autofiorente
Ambiente adatto alla coltivazione: Indoor/Outdoor
Indoor flowering time: 42
Varietà: White
Difficoltà di coltivazione: Facile
Livello CBD: Basso
Livello THC: Medio
Altezza pianta: Piccola
Fioritura: Corto
Indica/Sativa: Dominanza Indica
Gusto / Aroma: Lemon, skunk, herbal