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Mix Pack Autoflowering (Sweet Seeds) fem

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This autoflowering mix pack contains 3 different strains in 1 pack. 6 seeds total, 2 seeds from each different strain. The strains are Speed Devil #1, Big Devil #1 and Fast Bud #1

Speed Devil #1 seeds
(2 seeds)
Speed Devil is Sweet Seeds' first feminized auto-flowering variety. Produces super rapid plants that are ready to be harvested with resin and aromatic buds, mature and perfectly formed only 60 days after germination of seeds

Big Devil #1 seeds (2 seeds)
Big Devil #1 was created in response to the demand for larger sized autoflowering varieties. Good production of resin and compact buds. Fruity aroma with a touch of Skunk.

Fast Bud #1 seeds (2 seeds)
Fast Bud #1 is a big producer of big buds full of abundant and aromatic resin.The effect is potent and the aroma is sweet with exotic tonalities inherited from the Diesel parents.

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