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Mix Pack Autoflowering #2 (Sweet Seeds)

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The Second generation autoflowering mix pack from Sweet Seeds contains 3 strains with 2 seeds each. The strains are: Black Jack Auto, Cream Caramel Auto and S.A.D. Auto.

Black Jack Auto

Cream Caramel Auto

S.A.D. Auto

Black Jack Auto

A result of crossing S.A.D. Auto with Jack Herer. This variety flowers quick and produces plenty of abundant resinous buds. The plant has a sweet intense incense aroma with a strong and great hybrid vigor effect.

Cream Caramel Auto

Its taste is intense and sweet like caramel as is the indica strain with a hint of an earthy flavour that comes from the presence of the blueblack genetic. Ideal for indoor growing, it has typical indica structure, huge central buds and rich lateral branches.

S.A.D. Auto

Produces resinous dense buds of intense aroma and musky flavours inherited from its afghan ancestors. Sweet Afghani Delicious (SAD) S1 seeds are very homogenous, so too will be its offsprings. Excellent for indoor growing and suitable for all kinds of outdoor areas. Easy harvesting and very resistant to pests and fungus.

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