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Kolossus (Sannie's Seeds) feminized

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This cross is developed because of the demand coming from customers for a strain which brings a big harvest. Simply put: a commercial strain which tastes good but above all brings in lots of grams. The plants are green without colour influences which makes it more easy to sell the end product at once.

Shack (Shiva x Sannie's Jack) is a strain that has been proven time after time to give more then enough smoking pleasure with an excellent haze taste, but a bit more spicy. She grows a main bud with a crown of buds.

Big White (Powerplant x Chronic) has been grown by lots of customers with lots of success. A main bud dominant plant which can produce big amounts of cannabis in a flowering period from about 9 weeks.

The two of these winners combined will give you plants that excels; big harvest and good taste.


Strain info: Kolossus (Sannie's Seeds) feminized
Resa media indoor 600 g/mē
Composizione Hybrid
Effetto Strong combo of stoned and high
Genetica Big White x Shack
Tempo di fioritura indoor 65 giorni
Ambiente di coltivazione adeguato Al coperto / all'aperto
Tipo Femminilizzati
Marca Sannie's Seeds
Gusto / Odore Fresh lemon, haze influenced
THC 22%

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