Cum Laude (Positronics) feminized

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Cum laude is a triple hybridisation of pure sativas. Some elite clones were used to create a stable line of pure sativa. Cum Laude will grow very fast from the very beginning on with a typical fir pattern. Pruning during growth will change this pattern to a candelabrum. That's why it is advised to shorten the growing period. Long internodal distances with a strong structure that will carry the weight of the big flowers. Average amount of leafs, extremely thin of light green colour. Buds will look like thick and dense wheat stalks, covered with an oily layer of trichomes.

Growing recommendations

Indoor: Avoid the growing period and start straight with the 12/12 photoperiod, in fact you have to take care of its height. After 35 days it will start showing the first flowers and after another 45 days it will be ready for harvest. Cum Laude will develop a big central cola that better be tied to a bamboo stick. High nitrogene nutrition will avoid early yellowing of the leaves, ph level checking becomes necessary. High moisture levels tolerated and very resistant to fungus.

Outdoor: For discrete growing, sow as late as possible. The airy flowers will tolerate high humidity levels. It will fully develop with plenty of sun, while producing big long colas of flowers that will make you the king of sativas.

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