Caramelice (Positronics) feminized

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Skunk's citric flavour and taste fascinated hundreds of thousands of growers, who continue to fill their gardens with its qualities. Positronics has created a Skunk for the XXI century. Caramelice captures the aroma and taste of its parents, but is more resistant to fungus attacks although she flowers earlier, a handicap of skunk varieties.

Thin stalks with short distances between the inter-nodes, high quantity of toothed, thin and light-green leaves. Around the 5th week the typical orange nuance will appear and the chalices will be covered by trichomes.

Growing recommendations

The growth shouldn't be overdone because the branches aren't able to carry much weight, it is recommended to use networks to support the weight of the flowers. It requires the use of anti-odour and ventilators. Caramelice can handle high temperatures but doesn't tolerate temperatures less than 12°C. It doesn't need much fertilizer but a constant PH. In last week you can irrigate with water including sugar of natural origin, like fructose (fruit), cellulose (beet) or glucose (black sugar cane).

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