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Azarius HQ closed on Ascension Day

09-05-2018 - 1 Commenti

Thursday 10 May is the Feast of the Ascension, or Ascension Day, a holiday in the Netherlands as well as many other countries.

This means our secret Lunar base on the dark side of the moon will be closed and we won't be shipping packages or answering calls for one day. If you really miss us: we can still be reached by mail.

Don't let that stop you from you ordering your own stuff to reach a higher plane of existence with. But feel free to visit our cosy store in the Kerkstraat, Amsterdam which will receive all psychonauts with open arms.

We'll be back in full force on Friday to shower you with our unique brand of Azarius love!

- Team Azarius


  • gg 14-05-2015 11:57:12

    great pic,

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