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Salvia divinorum – the anti-drug?

17-01-2012 - 5 Commenti

In the search for effective anti-addiction compounds to help fight drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms as well as relapses, the hallucinogen Salvia divinorum is being studied by a group of researchers in New Zealand.

The research is a collaborative project between Victoria University and the University of Kansas, the aim of which is to find ways of targeting the kappo opioid receptor. This is a protein in the brain which is capable of altering a person’s perception of mood and pain.

Salvia is a plant native to Mexico, containing a powerful psychoactive chemical known as Salvinorin. According to Dr Kivell of Victoria University Salvia differs from most hallucinogenic substances. "It has a unique structure and contains compounds that we think could have anti-addictive properties."

Where most compounds that target the kappa opioid receptor have a tendency to cause severe side effects, the tests with Salvia divinorum have had surprisingly mild side effects so far.

Dr Kivell: "Drug addiction research is exciting science and it's also very relevant. Banning every mind-altering drug is not going to work so we need to find therapies to help people with their addiction. It's a very complex field and there is a lot yet to understand about why some people who take drugs get addicted and others don't."

It’s interesting to see if Salvia is really capable of ridding oneself of an addiction.




  • SHOVELHEAD 18-01-2012 08:44:45

    I hope they don't further ban it, just like Tabernanthe Iboga...

    Addiction is a disease and Pharmaceutical companies profit from diseases.
    So no way they want to eliminate that which gives them profit...

  • acidtv 18-01-2012 17:22:36

    Sounds more like Anti-Addiction than Anti-Drug to me..

  • LordCarcas 24-01-2012 06:29:37

    Nature is my pharmacy and Gaea my healer,
    I'm getting my medicine, I'll be at my dealer.

    'nuff said.

  • Bobby 26-01-2012 01:16:54

    People don't need researchers to tell them the benefits of salvia.

  • 04-01-2013 19:39:46

    this is to the daily Telegraph for their article against Salvia-

    Dismayed by your old ladies dinner party-hearsay approach at a subjective article on Salvia, the psychotropic Sage plant from Mexico,
    an easy to dose hallucinogenic drug that can be grown in your garden and and lasts for 2 min unless you take a big dose of it. it will obviously not be as dangerous as LSD which lasts for 7 hours, and which has any caused death or long-term mental disorder in a decimal fraction of a percentage of the people that have taken it.

    Maybe you should occupy yourself with more pressing matters than old ladies hearsay about recreation drug availability, such as the widespread sale of dangerous medicines and chemicals used in industry and lobbies that use all political means to cut corners and portray any new product or disposal method as a wonder product. you can imagine that something without any lobbies to promote it has much less of a chance of being ill portrayed than the crap that does actually kill and harm children, you better off making articles about Prozac killing someone than salvia.

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