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How Carlos Castaneda became a legend

25-08-2016 - 0 Commenti

Carlos Castaneda was an anthropologist who became world-famous with books describing his experiences with the shaman Don Juan. During a study trip in Mexico he met Don Juan who then inaugurated him in the mystic world of the Yaqui Indians. Psychedelic substances were frequently used during this inauguration. Carlos Castaneda… How Carlos Castaneda became a legend

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Online questionnaire NPS use

22-08-2016 - 0 Commenti

A growing number of scientists dedicate research to the use of psychoactive substances. At Azarius we have been always interested in this type of scientific research, especially if the user is put centre stage. The Bonger Institute for Criminology at the University of Amsterdam coordinates an ambitious project studying the… Online questionnaire NPS use

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Psychedelics: the difference between ritual and recreational use

21-08-2016 - 2 Commenti

Some people believe that psychedelics should only be used in a ritual setting. There’s something to be said about this way of thinking. There’s scientific proof that a shamanistic ritual with psychedelics induces a completely different consciousness compared to recreational use of the same substances.There are six types of brain… Psychedelics: the difference between ritual and recreational use

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Psychedelic art: five favorites

17-08-2016 - 0 Commenti

What is psychedelic art? Art that makes you feel trippy? Art that’s good to trip at? Or art that’s inspired by the psychedelic experience? Maybe the discussion isn’t what it’s all about. Just sit back and enjoy these wonderful masterpieces… Storm Thorgerson Psychedelic art: five favorites

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Azarius goes Berlin

08-08-2016 - 1 Commenti

On Saturday August 13 we are joining the Berlin Hanfparade. Together with the Stichting Legalize! we will rave from Hauptbahnhof to Alexanderplatz, where we are expected to arrive at 17:00. The Hanfparade wants to signal in a grand way that the time has come to legalize cannabis as natural resource,… Azarius goes Berlin

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The Psychedelic Sessions

04-08-2016 - 0 Commenti

For the second time we organize The Psychedelic Sessions at Landjuweel 2016. Four intriguing lectures give you the chance to get to know more about the psychedelic experience. Most of us will have some experience with tripping and spacing, but the psychedelic horizon reaches much further. Are there really better… The Psychedelic Sessions

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Prehistoric use of weed?

27-07-2016 - 0 Commenti

At Azarius we love to read any scientific news on weed. Especially in a reputable magazine like New Scientist. According to this article our ancestors were already into the high life. "The researchers suggest that different groups of people across the Eurasian landmass independently began using the plant at this… Prehistoric use of weed?

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Growing Tips & Tricks: Jump Start

21-07-2016 - 1 Commenti

‘’The season of growth is upon us, there is no better time than the present’’ -Unknown Nature, in all of its beauty, brings about a cycle of seasons each year. Each one is special in its own time and its respective attributes affect our environment in different ways. Today we… Growing Tips & Tricks: Jump Start

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Lancio del nuovo sito!

12-07-2016 - 0 Commenti

Durante gli ultimi 17 anni di attività abbiamo già rinnovato il nostro sito parecchie volte, e ancora questa volta speriamo che sia di vostro gradimento! A parte un nuovo e fresco look (grazie a PublicPixels), il sito offre anche qualche novità: Disegno reattivo, per migliorare la prestazione su smartphone o… Lancio del nuovo sito!

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Robert Gordon Wasson: discoverer of the magic mushroom

02-07-2016 - 0 Commenti

Robert Gordon Wasson (1898 – 1986) is often considered to be the man who set in motion the psychedelic revolution. He worked with, amongst others, Albert Hoffman and wrote a number of fascinating articles and books on psychedelia. Sadly, there also was a dark side to the sharing of knowledge.… Robert Gordon Wasson: discoverer of the magic mushroom

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MDA versus MDMA

01-07-2016 - 2 Commenti

Structurally MDA resembles MDMA in many ways, although it deviates in little details which results in a slightly different action. Both substances can be found in XTC pills. In the following article we compare both. Euphoria and psychedelic effects Both substances boost the serotonin levels in your brain which results… MDA versus MDMA

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Fill in the Grass Poll!

30-06-2016 - 0 Commenti

At Azarius we are very fond of cannabis and everything that is related to the herb. In The Netherlands the status of cannabis is still pretty vague. In the ongoing political discussion the cannabis user is seldom heard. Grass Poll wants to change that. With a large scale national poll… Fill in the Grass Poll!

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The healing power of sweat lodges

23-06-2016 - 0 Commenti

A sweat lodge is a shamanic ceremony, where a group of people sits together in a small hut in cycles of one hour. Inside the hut it's 90 degrees Celsius. This temperature is reached by putting fire-heated stones in the center. Sweat lodge ceremonies (also named temazcal or temascal) are… The healing power of sweat lodges

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Winners skateboard contest

16-06-2016 - 0 Commenti

Acid drops, blunts and grinds. Yeah, we’re talking skateboarding, what else? You see, the very first Azarius skateboard video contest resulted in a number stunning submissions. Well done, four-wheeled Azarians! We presented three categories and these are the winners. Don’t forget to check out their gnarly moves: Best trick Tobias… Winners skateboard contest

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Celebrate Cannabis Liberation Day with us in Amsterdam!

08-06-2016 - 0 Commenti

On June 12, Amsterdam celebrates Cannabis Liberation Day, the biggest cannabis and hemp festival in our country. 'The liberation of cannabis has never been more important in the Netherlands than it is today,' says VOC chairman Derrick Bergman. 'If we want to keep up with the pace of the current… Celebrate Cannabis Liberation Day with us in Amsterdam!

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How to keep weed heavenly fresh in 3 easy steps

02-06-2016 - 0 Commenti

There comes a time when the weed reservoir begins to swell up. For those growing that sweet Sheeba this time may come in late August after the harvesting season. For those who have greater resources and can joyfully stack up on weed any day, there are 3 easy, breezy steps… How to keep weed heavenly fresh in 3 easy steps

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The Psychoactive Substances Act comes into force

25-05-2016 - 3 Commenti

On May 26th 2016 the controversial Psychoactive Substances Act comes into force in the United Kingdom. The legislation aims to ban any substance that is capable of producing a psychoactive effect, with a small list of exemptions such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and poppers. Also, churches are still allowed to… The Psychoactive Substances Act comes into force

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Jack Herer: a legend and a popular plant

19-05-2016 - 0 Commenti

The Jack Herer cannabis plant is a well known strain that was created by crossing Haze with Northern light and Shiva skunk. Users describe the effects as blissful, clear and creative. The buds contain 18-23% THC and 0,03-0,2% CBD. This plant is named after the famous cannabis activist Jack Herer,… Jack Herer: a legend and a popular plant

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Syrian Rue, the inspiration for the magic flying carpet

17-05-2016 - 0 Commenti

Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) seeds are what inspired the magical tales of flying carpets. The seeds were used as a dye in the process of making persian rugs. The rug makers stockpiled the seeds. As they were making the rugs, they were also traveling the cosmos on flying carpets. We… Syrian Rue, the inspiration for the magic flying carpet

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Dutch Public Holidays

14-05-2016 - 0 Commenti

This month we'll have a couple of public holidays in the Netherlands. On those days we're off duty. On May 5 we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus. In Dutch we call it 'Hemelvaartsdag'. May 5 is also Liberation Day, so there are plenty of music festivals to keep us entertained.… Dutch Public Holidays

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