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Sì, va bene, lo sappiamo anche noi che il cioccolato bianco non è vero cioccolato. Ma questo ibrido tra White Choco e Kosher Kush è un vero fuoriclasse. Preparati a…
Supposedly ocean waves travel in groups of seven, with the 7th being the biggest. You get it: 7th Wave by Super Strains will get you the highest.

5 semi - $ 35,89

Il pluripremiato AK-47 riceve un aggiornamento da parte della Amsterdam Genetics. Preparati per un lungo rilassamento.
Preparati per una profonda narcosi, così come solo Madre Natura sa fare. Come regalo, AK-OG Kush produce così tanti cristalli che potrai aprire una gioielleria.
By all rights Amajikoym's nickname should be Godzilla because she will tower over every puny plant in your garden.

5 semi - $ 40,38

So there you have it, the original Amnesia, all-time favourite of many cannabis connoisseurs.

5 semi - $ 50,47

Curious about the many layered effects of Amnesia but wary of its power? Dinafem soften ups the legend with a nice dose of CBD.

3 semi - $ 28,04

Prodotto esaurito.

Automatic Fini is based on AK-47. Its spicy and sweet taste will be appreciated by lovers of Asian cuisine.

5 semi - $ 40,38

La Black Domina, una delle indica più profonde e scure mai create, ha saputo collezionare devoti affezionati per oltre due decenni.
Blue Kush Berry è una dolce indica che combina il poderoso compenente Kush con un delizioso sapore fruttato.
Replacement mouthpiece screen for the Boundless CF, CFX and CF Hybrid vaporizers.

1 pezzo - $ 8,92

Gli anelli di ritenzione del calore Boundless CFV sono unici, ti danno l'abilità di creare diverse impostazioni del calore e assaporare diversi gusti nel braciere del tuo Boundless CFV.
Get all your herbs in the Boundless CFV vaporizer instead of on the floor/table with this loading cap.

1 pezzo - $ 8,92

Un O-ring di ricambio per il bocchino del Boundless CFV.

1 pezzo - $ 3,31

Retine per il bocchino Boundless CFV. 5 Pezzi per confezione.

1 pezzo - $ 6,73

The name leaves little to imagination: this is one STRONG plant. Also takes some skills to grow, so one for the natural scientists.
Indossa il tuo orgogli di Amsterdam, con il cappellino Bulldog. Disponibile in nero e blu.
There is as many different blends of Chai as there is people, this blend is a unique one, just like you (and me).

1 pezzo - $ 5,55

Who cut the cheese? You'll hear that as soon as you light up this deep relaxing strain.

3 semi - $ 26,92

Corleone pipes filters for your wooden smoking pipe. It's important to replace the filter in your wooden smoking pipe to keep it fresh.

10 pezzi - $ 7,29

The skunky appeal of the extremely popular Critical + can now be enjoyed by those who are into the gentle psychoactivity of CBD-rich strains.

3 semi - $ 29,16

In caso succeda qualcosa all'atomizzatore del tuo Dabstorm 2.0: niente panico. Questo atomizzatore in ceramica risolve tutti i problemi.

1 pezzo - $ 38,69

Con questo vaporizzatore intuitivo e innovativo, aumenti il tuo Quoziente Intellettivo al livello di Leonardo DaVinci. Una scelta veramente brillante.
Death From Above? Down For Anything? You won't care about acronyms after you smoke this heavy bush.

5 semi - $ 35,89

High CBD, low THC. You do the math. Dinamed CBD is one relaxed dude. But beware, in the outdoors it can tower over many a fence.

3 semi - $ 28,04

The DynaStash is a beautiful addition to keep your VapCap in. Made of high quality wood in Walnut or Cedar.
This is a monstrous plant straight out of a science fiction tale! But don't let her dimensions scare you, the combination of Amnesia and CBD is quite peaceful.

3 semi - $ 29,16

El Cucaracha is one mellow plant that is easy to grow. As much of a persistent survivor as the cockroach is has been named after.

5 semi - $ 35,89

This slow but potent stoner plant has a nice sarcastic name. Enemy of the State? More like Friend of the People!

5 semi - $ 41,50

It’s the Incredible Shrinking Vaporizer! This convection heating vaporizer truly fits in your hand (or fist for extra discreetness.) A truly portable vape.

nero - $ 133,47

Your neighbours will think you started a lemon farm thanks to the generous Florida Lemons.

6 semi - $ 56,08

A durable case with extra padding to keep your Flowermate iHit and all of it's accessories in.

1 pezzo - $ 66,17

Put your fresh flowers in this mate. Swiftly.
A replacement mouthpiece for the FlowerMate Swift Pro.
USB charger cable lets you charge the G-Pen Elite en G-Pro while you are browsing the internet or doing your taxes.

1 pezzo - $ 5,55

Feel the power of Kush contained in Golden Berry, a great all-round plant with plenty of resin.

6 semi - $ 78,51

DNA Genetics dials everything to the max in order to make the strongest lemon strain available. So if you like to twist your lemons this is the plant for you.

6 semi - $ 78,51

This grinder is really all in one! Stash box, souvenir, and grinder.

1 pezzo - $ 5,05

Gold grinders are one of the best investments around. Sadly this one is really made of metal. But it does possess a high bling bling factor.

1 pezzo - $ 16,26

Charger for two Haze Dual batteries with LED progress display. The charger also functions as a power source for all USB devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Dalla sua nascita, la Hindu Kush è diventata la progenitrice di molti ibridi. Sensi Seeds l'ha usata per creare la famosa Skunk Kush. La versione femminizzata della Hindu Kush porta…
La Hindu Kush ha sempre ripagato i coltivatori, di qualunque livello di esperienza, con il suo schema di crescita affidabile. Questa nuova espressione genetica Automatica ha reso ancora più facile…
The Jack Herer strain is among the leading harvest festival cup winners. Jack Herer Auto is the automatic version of the most exquisite weed ever.

5 semi - $ 33,65

Jilter Smoking Filters are a quick and easy way of attaching a tip or roach to your filter

1 scatola (42 pezzi) - $ 1,68

Il vecchio e il nuovo si incontrano per produrre un ceppo potente e facile nella crescita, direttamente dal cuore di Amsterdam.
L.A. Amnesia è una potente sativa ad alta resa con un elevato contenuto di THC, risultato della collaborazione tra Paradise Seeds e Chong’s Choice, azienda del leggendario cannabist Tommy Chong.
The autoflowering version of La Blanca Gold is a small, fast-growing plant. The perfect daytime strain for a light smoke in between chores.
Sei alla ricerca di idee creative? Lemon Ice combina in perfetto equilibrio un high da giorno edificante con un dolce gusto agli agrumi.

Prodotto esaurito.

A Champions League calibre cross between Lemon Skunk and Skywalker Kush is ready to take on any challengers.

6 semi - $ 56,08

A blue wonder from The Bulldog Premium Collection featuring finger-licking resin that looks like caramel.

5 semi - $ 35,89

La tradizione cannabica di due continenti si incontra. Un ibrido skunk che combina le genetiche di California e Olanda per creare un prodotto dall’high edificante e fruttato.
What's that hanging under the mango tree? Sticky, crystalized buds that will inspire scientists and poets all over the world.
Next of Kin is made for warmer climates. She just loves to marinate in the sun patiently growing into a big plant with generous yields.

5 semi - $ 44,86

Another chapter in the epic existence of Northern Light which echoes the original flavour. Prepare yourself for some heavy chill-out time.

5 semi - $ 39,25

The crowd-pleasing OG Kush gets a softer CBD touch and auto genetics. Surf the calm waves of this great strain.

- $ 28,04

Goditi il pieno sapore e inteso effetto corporale di questo Pineapple Kush. Si raccomanda essere in vicinanza di un comodo divano.
Feel like a modern day wizard with this long glass pipe. Wand not included.

1 pezzo - $ 5,05

What's that seductive green light beckoning? It's the cloud button on the Puffco Pro 2 which will turn your precious concentrate in beautiful vapour.

1 pezzo - $ 99,82

Pure Power Plant è una varietà affidabile che, per molti anni ha saputo deliziare i coltivatori con la sua enorme resa, resistenza eccezionale ed fioritura rapida.
Do you long for an old school stinker? A plant with a skunk aroma that almost gets you high by just smelling it?

6 semi - $ 44,86

A great creation from Futurola, to roll 1 & 1/4 size joints with. Ideal for beginner smokers.

1 pezzo - $ 9,53

Add some fun to your stash tin. Four different designs, 10 smart filters, one very well rolled joint.

10 pezzi - $ 1,68

Small pouch by Ryot protects your stash and smoking apparel against the elements and beer-swinging festival-goers.
Una soluzione perfetta per qualsiasi disturbo ti affligga: la sfiga, la maldestrezza, la smemoratezza. Un modo cool per camuffare il tuo disagio e avere sempre tutti gli attrezzi necessari a…

1 pezzo - $ 32,53

Kush squared, which means complexity for your taste buds. A typical American variety that is much loved in California.
Un buonissimo e bellissimo sapone infuso di olio di canapa, unisce perfettamente un raffinato aroma con la cura della pelle. Fissare troppo a lungo le fantasie psichedeliche potrebbe ipnotizzarti.
A handy stash box from Smoking Brand that fits all your rolling gear perfectly. Has a built in funnel and a tray for easy rolling on the go.

1 pezzo - $ 2,80

Sour Kosher used to be a DNA Genetics freebie seed but as a result of overwhelming demand it know is available to grow in higher volumes.

6 semi - $ 78,51

A traditional ice cream flavour translated to a red glowing plant with sweet smelling crystals. Strawberry Ice is a future summer classic.

5 semi - $ 28,04

Supreme Lemon is a beautiful plant which produces very high yields and some serious amounts of THC. One of the most potent strains currently around.
Lascia che la Sweet Nurse ti calmi e che ti guarisca da tutti i tuoi disturbi con una buona dose di CBD.
After surviving adventures through the most barren regions of the planet and studying ancient scrolls on the secrets of life The Mushroomist presents three mysterious mushroom elixirs.
Out of the ballpark heavy hitter by Vision Seeds can reach THC levels of 25% and become a total stress killer. Another great Dutch-American hybrid.
Small but sturdy cleaning brush to keep your Topbond vaporizer clean and tasty.

1 pezzo - $ 2,80

Prodotto esaurito.

Can you pass the Turing test? Take a toke of this slow grower and the heavy stone will reveal if you're man or machine.

5 semi - $ 40,38

The fat mouthpiece creates a seal for all VapCap models.

1 pezzo - $ 1,68

Pack your Crafty portable vaporizer into this airtight and rock solid custom case, with extra compartments for your accessories or stash.

nero - $ 33,09

The VapeXhale Evo Adapter Kit allows you to use your existing glass rig together with your VapeXhale Cloud Evo vaporizer.

1 set - $ 66,17

An original VapeXhale Standard Mouthpiece, a perfect replacement or spare for your VapeXhale Cloud Evo vaporizer.

1 pezzo - $ 21,87

A replacement or extra plunger screen for your VapirRise 2.0. This is an official Vapir replacement part.

1 pezzo - $ 7,79

This is the talk of all the vaporizer mega minds at Azarius Headquarters, the Dynavap VapCap OmniVap.

1 pezzo - $ 200,76

Prodotto esaurito.

Do you crave sweetness? Need a substitute for sugar? Just take a look at those crystal buds and imagine the taste of sweet fruit.
If speed is of the essence grab yourself some Vision Critical Auto seeds. The result is a relaxing smoke that keeps things civilized.
Heavy tastes but a light-headed high, the strange contradictions of this automatic version of Jack Herer.
Jacking up Tom Kush OG to automatic pilot produces a generous yielder which loves the outdoors.
Extra balloon with adapter for the Volcano Easy Valve.

1 pezzo - $ 10,65

A tutti piace il cioccolato bianco. Non a caso questa versione fumabile è subito diventata una perla dei coffeeshops olandesi.
Un gustoso White Choco con dei potenziamenti Haze hanno come risultato una bellissima pianta che infonderà i tuoi sogni con brillanti idee.
White Widow, the legend from the nineties, now gives that gentle CBD touch

3 semi - $ 29,16

Beginners run away, the XTRM in this version of White Widow is no joke. One of the most powerful strains in the world.

5 semi - $ 39,25

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