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Miracle Frooties

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Informazioni sul prodotto

With Miracle Frooties, you can have bitter or sour foods suddenly taste sweet. These tablets contains dried extract of the miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum), a shrub native to tropical West Africa. It produces the miracle berry, also known as the sweet berry. The berries contain miraculin, an active glycoprotein molecule that on itself does not taste sweet but binds to the taste buds on the human tongue to alter the perception of taste.

Miracle fruit has been used in Africa for over 200 years. In the 18th century European explorers witnessed natives picking and chewing the berry before a meal. In the 1970’s an attempt was made to commercially introduce miracle fruit products in the United States as an alternative to sugar, though this failed when the FDA classified it as a food additive. There were accusations that the sugar industry, fearing the loss of market share, put pressure on the FDA, though no conclusive evidence exists. In modern day Japan, miracle fruit is popular among diabetics and dieters.

Miracle Frooties come in two versions, Classic and Large. Both contain 10 tablets but the tabs of the Large version are considerably bigger and can even be halved for a total of 20 portions.

Effects of miracle fruit

Causes sour or bitter food to taste sweet by temporarily altering the working of the taste receptor for sourness on your tongue. Effects last between 15 minutes up to two hours. Can be washed away by hot tea or water. When the effects wear off, everything will taste like normal again.

Miracle Frooties Usage

Take one Miracle Frootie tablet (or half a large tablet) and let it dissolve on the tongue. What should be sour or bitter will now taste sweet and flavourful. Experiment with different foods and enjoy the altered taste!

Frooties can be used in weight loss programs by partially replacing the need for sugar or harmful sweeteners. Miracle Frooties are safe to use: the berry has been used in Africa for over 200 year, without any known side effects.


Dried miracle fruit pulp, potato starch, dicalcium phosphate. magnesium stearate.

No artificial additives (such as colourants, acids or preservatives).

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Matthias 2013-02-22

It's very interesting to bite in a lemon when you suck half a pill. You will not taste any acid but an nice sweetness! Give it a try! For practical application (diets) its kind of expensive but never saw a cheaper price than here.

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