Cactus of Mystery

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Full title Cactus of Mystery - The Shamanic Powers of the Peruvian San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro, the legendary cactus of vision, has been used by the shamans of Peru for at least 3,500 years. Referring to St. Peter, who holds the keys to Heaven, its name is suggestive of the plant's visionary power to open the gates between the visible and invisible worlds, allowing passage to an ecstatic realm where miraculous physical and spiritual healings occur, love and enthusiasm for life are rekindled, the future divined and the soul's purpose revealed.

Exploring the history and shamanic uses of the San Pedro cactus, Ross Heaven interviews practising San Pedro shamans about ancient and modern rituals, preparation of the visionary brew, experiences with the healing spirit of San Pedro and their teachings on how the cactus works on the mind, body and illness. He investigates the conditions treated by San Pedro as well as how it can enhance creativity, providing case studies from those who have been healed by the cactus and accounts from those who have been artistically and musically inspired through its use.

Psychedelic researchers Eve Bruce, M.D., David Luke, Ph.D., and journalist Morgan Maher contribute chapters delving into San Pedro's effects on conscious evolution and psychic abilities as well as its similarities to and differences from Ayahuasca. Exploring plant communication and the vital role of music in San Pedro ceremonies, Heaven explains how healing songs are communicated by the sacred plants to the shamans working with them, much in the same way that other gifts of San Pedro - from healing to inspiration to expanded consciousness - are passed to those who commune with this ancient plant teacher.

  • Includes interviews with practising San Pedro shamans on their rituals, cactus preparations and teachings on how San Pedro heals the mind and body.
  • Contains accounts from people who have been healed by San Pedro.
  • Includes chapters by Eve Bruce and David Luke on San Pedro's effects on psychic abilities and its similarities to and differences from Ayahuasca.


Title Cactus of Mystery
Sottotitolo The Shamanic Powers of the Peruvian San Pedro Cactus
Casa Editrice Park Street Press
Rilegatura Paperback
ISBN 9781594774911
Pagine 400
Autori Ross Heaven
Lingua Inglese

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