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Cannabis Mythen

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L. Zimmer e.a., 100pg × 1

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Only available in German.

This book delves into the common arguments used by the opponents of cannabis law reform and it says: the objections of the opponents are not based on actual facts but on myths. Regarding what has been achieved in Switzerland and the controversy around the legalization of cannabis, this book is very important: as a funded source for argumentation and as an objective contribution in the discussion.

This book concerns the following questions: does cannabis lead to the use of heavier drugs? What medical value does cannabis have? How does cannabis work on the sexual hormones? What is its influence on the memory and perception? Is smoking cannabis during pregnancy detrimental? Is cannabis an actual cause of traffic accidents? Is cannabis more potent these days than it used to be?

New York authors Lynn Zimmer and John P. Morgan, professors in sociology and pharmacology, took strict academic criteria into account when writing this book. They funded their statements with research data and renowed sources - the number of references exceeds 60. Mathias Bröckers has republished with Jack Herer the directing book "Die Wiederentdeckiung der Nutzpflanze Hanf". As a co-editor of the German edition of "Cannabis Mythen - Cannabis Fakten" he is concerned with current local legal issues and characteristics and European research reports. "A demythologic and academicly funded revaluation of the discussion over cannabis, that goes beyond all the cliches and creates possiblities to form a more objective opinion. This book catches up with time." I studied this book thoroughly and I am sure it will be useful in my profession as a national council. (Boris Banga, 5/04)

Released: 2004
Language: German


Title Cannabis Mythen
Sottotitolo Cannabis Fakten: Eine Analyse der wissenschaftlichen Diskussion
Casa Editrice Nachtschatten Verlag Ag
Rilegatura Paperback
ISBN 9783037881200
Pagine 264
Autori L. Zimmer, J. P. Morgan, M. Bröckers
Lingua Tedesco

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