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6360 Tightpac

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Large enough to store four cigarettes, coins or even a set of keys. A must have for all festival and party freaks. Never find wet or broken cigarettes in your pockets again!
Stick it in the sand, flowerbed or trunk of your car to hide your most valuable possessions like some emergency cash or a spare set of keys. Airtight and smell proof makes this pocket-sized container very cool. Party On!


    • Airtight


    • Water resistant


    • Smell proof (for at least two years)


    • You and your belongings are protected from any odours or ash


    • Made of high impact plastic, super durable, long lasting and won't melt under normal conditions


    • Extinguishes and preserves your lit cigarette immediately


    • Will float until you decide to rescue it


    • Convenient, makes it a great gift


    • Discreet and stylish


    • Conversation starter


    • Size: app. 11,5 cm.


  • Available in the colours black, blue green and silver.


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