Smoker gift set Greengo

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Give the gift of Greengo to a friend, loved one or...yourself! The Greengo gift set contains four smoking-related products at a discounted price: a lighter, slim rolling paper, grinder and humidifying stone.

Gift set Greengo contents

A disposable lighter in Greengo style.

Slim rolling papers
Greengo papers are the first rolling papers to be made from real unbleached paper. The papers are produced from FSC certified pulp, the package is made from recycled paper. 4 meters of rolling paper per roll, width 44 mm.

This eco-friendly grinder is made out of recycled plastic and consist of 2 parts and has a diameter of 50mm. The grinder also has a small storage space in the bottom half.

Humidifying stone
These humidifying stones are the ideal way to prevent your tobacco or smoking mix from losing dehydrating and losing flavour.

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