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Informazioni sul prodotto

This product is designed as an addition to your lighter. By wrapping HempWick around your lighter you can use it as an in between step to whatever needs being lit. Through this extra step you are already eliminating the butane gas otherwise inhaled, moreover beeswax has an air cleansing property which eliminates toxins, and so further benefiting the quality of the smoke inhaled.

HempWick features

  • Burning beeswax is said to be stimulating for the pituitary gland which enhances creativity and heightens dream activity
  • It greatly improves and sweetens the taste of smoke
  • HempWick is produced by loving hands in small batches
  • The pure organic hemp is dipped in organic bees wax from a local bee farmer
  • Many problems arise from decreased bee populations, you can help to reverse it by supporting HempWick

This product is available in a thick and in a thin hemp twine variety. The thick twine is more suitable for outdoors use because it holds a more powerful flame.

Bee smart, buy HempWick.


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Sophia 2015-06-29

No more dealing with nasty-gas-taste! Definitely recommend.

Neoony 2014-01-16

This is good, so much difference when smoking with pipe using this instead of lighter. I got sample for free in an order. Totally recommend.

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