Cones Torpedo Flavored

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A new hype hits the smoking market! Pre-rolled flavoured cigarette cones with a paper tip. Includes a helpful tool to fill the cone.
Just fill your cone and enjoy an apple, blueberry, peach, strawberry or white choco flavoured joint.
Each torpedo is packed in its own screw top container which can be used to put out your joint within a moment and keep it fresh for re-use. Handy on the road!

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Noamek 2012-01-16

I got the blueberry.
The smell after opening the storage container was awesome, while smoking it didn't tasted like blueberry's but the taste was still awesome :)

Juan de la cruz 2011-05-08

I recommend this if you dont like the hard flavour of the blunts.

Its perfect for fill a cigarrette with your fauvorite herbal mix.

FABST 2011-05-03

enjoy the natural flavour of weed - it's better than everything

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