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Grinder in metallo

Macina erbe in metallo con denti affilatissimi, pronti a sbranare qualsiasi cosa gli metti dentro. Ci raccomandiamo la massima cautela durante l'uso di questi mostri della distruzione.

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I Pokémon sono versatili, variabili e si rivelano nelle vesti più varie. Voilà, anche sotto forma di grinder.

Beautifully designed dabit card that offers practical solutions for all herb and oil enthusiasts.
Too stoned to twist a regular grinder? Meet the very effective electric grinder.
Il grinder in metallo della Royal Queen Seeds è dotato di un coperchio trasparente e di un meccanismo a manovella. Ideale per la macinazione delle tue erbe quando vai di…
Cali Crusher Homegrown presents the ultimate two-piece grinder. The Cali Crusher grinds effortlessly and is built to last.
The Cali Crusher pollinator grinder is the absolute best grinder money can buy. It shreds with ease and is made from top-of-the-line materials for extreme durability.
Cali Crusher Homegrown presents the ultimate four-piece grinder. Made from nearly indestructible aerospace aluminium and with numerous quality of life improvements to the classic grinder design.
The latest innovation in grinding technology. A grinder card is extreme lightweight and small - no bigger than a credit card. Available in various designs.
This beautiful designed metal pollinator grinder features three compartments and a magnetic lid. With a two stage filtering system this grinder separates the pollen crystals by allowing them to fall…

I grinder golden possiedono un elevato fattore bling bling, ma ad essere sinceri sono realizzati in normalissimo metallo robusto.

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Un grinder robusto in metallo con denti aguzzi a forma di diamante e una fantasia ad olio metallizzato capace di trasportarti nel trance più spaziale dopo un paio di canne.
Avere un buon grinder è un dovere, con questo grinder in metallo della Royal Queen Seeds, la tua erba sarà sempre perfettamente tritata e non ci saranno sprechi della tua…
Grind your herbs like a good cup of coffee with this 4-part metal grinder.
The Bulldog does it again, the perfect sized grinder for on the go, fits nicely in a pocket or stash tin. Three parts with diamond shaped teeth and magnetic closure.
Better than clogs, tulips and cheese. A great souvenir from Amsterdam, wherever in the world you are.
The perfect sized grinder for on the go, fits nicely in a pocket or stash tin.
Il grinder in metallo sbalzato della Royal Queen Seeds ha classe. Il che vuol dire che la sua prestazione è allo stesso livello del suo aspetto.

Luxury black grinder by New Vape that produces a coarse grind.
Luxury titanium grey grinder by New Vape that produces a fine grind.
The next generation of SharpStone herb grinders has been redesigned for a superior and frictionless grinding technique. This version let's you see what's going on inside.

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The next generation of SharpStone herb grinders has been redesigned for a superior and frictionless grinding technique helped by the characteristic crank.

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The next generation of SharpStone herb grinders has been redesigned for a superior and frictionless grinding technique.

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The SharpStone grinder strikes the perfect balance between quality and price. Watch your herb being shredded to bits through the transparent top. Appeals to your darker side!

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SharpStone grinders are among the very best grinders available. Made from aircraft grade aluminium with ultra sharp blades for smooth, efficient grinding.

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High quality grinder with clear top and hand crank mechanism. If you want to spare your wrists for other efforts, just use the crank to effortlessly grind your herbs.

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With a few quick twists the SharpStone Hard Top grinder will cut your herb just the way you want it. Two pieces, one excellent grinder.

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Life is hard, but this premium grinder makes things a little easier. Made from durable aircraft grade materials, the SharpStone Hard Top will be quickly cutting your herbs for years…

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The Hard Top 5-piece grinder has the features the SharpStone grinder is known for, including two stainless steel pollen screens with different micron count for ultimate pollen control.

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No, non abbiamo la mappa segreta per il Death Star, ma invece abbiamo il grinder più potente proveniente da una galassia molto molto lontana. Che la forza sia con voi…

A classic grinder for every Bulldog fan. An engraved metal 2 part grinder that is perfectly pocket sized.
The original engraved grinder from The Bulldog. Metal 4 part Grinder with shark teeth.
The original Bulldog swing grinder. A 4-part grinder with a handle on top for the perfect swing.

Rocket è molto più di un semplice grinder. È infatti una soluzione balistica per catapultare la tua mente nello spazio. Pronti al decollo?

The polyethylene ring is an spare part for the Original Quick Grinder. The ring helps keep the Quick Grinder pieces together, as well as allowing its grinding motion.
The Quick Grinder V3 is a tough grinder, but after a thorough cleaning you might be missing one or more components. This kit contains several spare parts to make your…
Il Quick Grinder V3 ha un sistema di svuotamento molto sofisticato, un aggancio per la chiusura, e un posizionamento con diverse angolature degli aghi, per una migliore prestazione.
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