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Pollinator 500

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The easiest way of collecting the crystals from your plant material. This is the original dry sifting machine, invented winter 1992, released on the market in November 1994. This model is suitable for up to 500 grams of dried plantmaterial in one go.

By default all Pollinators are equipped with a drum with a 150 mc screen. For other screen sizes, take a look at our Extra Drums, available for the models P150, P500 and P3000.


For more information, download the the English Pollinator manual.


Please note: this product has a European plug and works on 220 V. If you require a different plug or different voltage (USA, Canada, Ireland and UK, among others), please put this in remarks with your order!

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......... 2006-10-25

Tres bonne machinne!

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