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Acrylic bongs | Plastic bongs

Bong in acrilico o plastica non sono solo veramente belli da vedere, ma sono anche praticamente indistruttibili. I bong acrilici sono anche molto facili da pulire e con un prezzo a portata di tutti. Ma non ti preoccupare, se ne intendono benissimo anche loro fumo, e ti portarteranno dove devi andare.


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Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing. The Candy Rush is an 18 cm acrylic bong in festive colours with a fluorescent chamber and aluminium-alloy downstem.
The Moai Menace acrylic bong stands tall and silently judges you. The only way to appease the Moai is to make an offering. Are you brave enough?

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The Photon Accelerator is essential equipment for mad scientists. This extra long acrylic bong (36.7 cm) lets you perform your studies on the effects of prolonged pleasure with the utmost…
The only bong that doesn't give a single f*ck, the Tequila Sunrise acrylic bong is every bit as decadent as you. With convenient grip and aluminium alloy downstem.

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Nicely coloured and two-bubble shaped bong that ensures maximum cooling of the smoke.
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