New Science Of Psychedelics

For as long as humanity has existed, we have used psychedelics to raise our levels of consciousness and seek healing—first in the form of visionary plants such as cannabis and now with the addition of human-created psychedelics such as LSD and MDMA.

These substances have inspired spiritual awakenings, artistic and literary works, technological and scientific innovation and even political revolutions. But what does the future hold for humanity—and can psychedelics help take us there?

  • New Science Of Psychedelics shares insights from the author's discussions with Terence McKenna, Edgar Mitchell, Rupert Sheldrake, Deepak Chopra, Candace Pert and others
  • Investigates the role of psychedelics in lucid dreaming, sex and pleasure enhancement, morphic field theory, the survival of consciousness, encounters with non-human beings and the interface between science and spirituality

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Sharing insights from his discussions with luminaries such as Terence McKenna, Edgar Mitchell, Candace Pert, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Jerry Garcia, Albert Hofmann, Annie Sprinkle and Rupert Sheldrake, author, David Jay Brown, explores the revelations brought about through his psychedelic experiences and his work with visionaries of the psychedelic and scientific communities. He investigates the role of psychedelics in lucid dreaming, time travel, sex and pleasure enhancement, morphic field theory, the survival of consciousness after death, encounters with non-human beings and the interface between science and spirituality.

Examining the ability of psychedelic drugs to incite creativity, neurogenesis and the evolution of consciousness, he explains that they are messengers from the plant world designed to help elevate our awareness and sense of interconnectedness.

Revealing not only what psychedelics can teach us about ourselves and the world around us, Brown, also, shows how they are preparing humanity for a future of enlightened minds and worlds beyond our solar system.

TitleNew Science of Psychedelics
SottotitoloAt the Nexus of Culture, Consciousness, and Spirituality
Casa EditricePark Street Press
AutoriDavid Jay Brown

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