• da: Lazyshaman
  • Sostanza: Mimosa hostilis + Peganum harmala
  • Dosaggio: 10g+5g, definitely more than 50 mg orally active D
  • Aggiunta su: 2011-11-19

first ingestet the peganum-seeds, 20 minutes later the mimosa and after 20 minutes puked brutally. Then visions started but although I was still fully into experience they subsided. I stared into the only candle in the room, somehow there was all made of chromatic reflections,of some sort of glass,like through a lens I stared for a while into candlelight and then just saw nothing but the flame, i experienced the "Zen", a beautiful emptyness of mind, slow,for eternity, happiness for us all needed. After peak felt back into what is often called "hyperspace", but this "Zen-feeling" made rest of trip meaningless.



  • motty - 2015-02-23 01:03:23

    I really want to drink some traditional Ayahuasca some day I've had lots of mushroom experiences and lots of san Pedro a few dmt /5moe/salvia but it seems here in Arizona it's hard2 find anyone who has interest in Ayahuasca I really have mental problems from weird pharmaceuticals that I was prescribed as a kid for "add" and really hope someday that ayahuasca will put the finishing touches on the plant healing I've done so far s.p. and mumushrooms havehelped so much tho I'm off alcohol and off cigarettes and off any form of pharmaceuticals so that's a huge blessing in it's self I just really believe ayahuasca will put the cap on the stem so to speak

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